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Bavarian State Library
The Aventinus reading room of the Bavarian State Library has been equipped with electronic
access control, 60 wardrobe lockers, and approximately 100 rental lockers with electronic
locks. For this purpose, a new card with a Mifare classic transponder has been issued.
Prior to first use, the users of the Aventinus reading room are handed a new user ID, in turn
granting them access to the reading room and enabling them to use the library strongboxes.
Access to the Aventinus reading room is time-limited, which is easy to control with the system.
GANTNER supplied the access control system GAT Matrix together with a conversion
software program for the existing user IDs, and the locker locking system GAT Lock 6010,
including information terminals GAT Info 6100. In addition, an information terminal was
installed to display the validity of the cards.

University Frankfurt am Main
The University Frankfurt required a modern locker locking system that would not be based on keys. The student IDs should be used to operate the wardrobe lockers. GANTNER installed approximately 1,200 GAT Locks 6010. For the further expansion within the university, the online system GAT Lock 5010 will be used, as no batteries need to be replaced and it enables a complete overview of the system at any point in time. Errors are displayed immediately and any sabotage triggers an alarm.

(Republish with permission from Gantner Technologies)