The management of thousands of staff lockers with the conventional way of using keys and padlocks is not only challenging but also not cost and resource effective. The GANTNER Electronic Locking system provides a secure, convenient and efficient solution.

At WIPA Tec we manufacture fully customised lockers according to your design, that are equipped with the online or offline GANTNER Locking System that match your financial and physical needs.

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  • WIPA Tec Smart Locker
    GANTNER online locking system
  • Cashless Payment
    Cashless Payment
  • Smart Access Control
    Wristband or card-based check-in/check-out
  • Smart Charging Station
    Charging devices securely
  • Smart Drink Station
    Advanced drink dispensing system
  • Foreman Fitness Products
    Your quality fitness products
  • Turnkey Services
    Turnkey Services

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