Fitness & Sports

Fitness & Sports

How to do more with less?

One system with multiple solutions!

Imagine having the following multiple processes integrated into one single solution:

membership access, the changing room locker system, an automated drink station, cashless payment, and a charging station for the members’ electronic device.

Apart from that you even know the fitness level and retention rate of your members for the classes!

Sounds Impossible?

Yes it is possible!


It is simple, safe, effective and tailored to your requirements.

Do you know your current club status?

  • Who checks in?
  • Who checks out?
  • How many changing room lockers are occupied or empty?
  • Who hasn’t returned the towel?
  • How many participants have turned up for cardio class?

How to match the fitness level of your member to the fitness programme planned to retain membership?

Our fitness solution allows you to:

  • Prevent revenue losses and fraud
  • Reduce OPEX
  • Increase Revenue
  • Enhance member experience and member retention
  • Get better fitness results for your members

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  • WIPA Tec Smart Locker
    GANTNER online locking system
  • Cashless Payment
    Cashless Payment
  • Smart Access Control
    Wristband or card-based check-in/check-out
  • Smart Charging Station
    Charging devices securely
  • Smart Drink Station
    Advanced drink dispensing system
  • STEX Cardio Equipment
    Fit your needs
  • Foreman Fitness Products
    Your quality fitness products
  • iQniter Cardio Training
    Smart group exercise
  • Perfect Gym
    Club Membership Software
  • Turnkey Services
    Turnkey Services

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