iQniter Cardio Training

iQniter Cardio Training

iQniter cardio training utilises the SUUNTO’s team pod and heart rate belts to display and monitor participant’s heart rate and training effect in real time. This solution makes it possible for you to keep in contact with your members via personal training reports which are sent fully automatically to participant’s email account. Therfore iQniter increases your members’ retention. You may also sign up for a free social media account at that provides additional features and integration with facebook / twitter.

Key Information Monitored

  • Heart Rate (% and bpm)
  • Energy Consumption (Kcal)
  • Training Effect

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Key Benefits

Club Manager Instructor Club Member
Position the club as a premium service provider. Increase the effectiveness of group exercises. Get a valuable understanding of the benefits of your workouts.
Offer a new and unique workout feedback service to your members. Keep members’ training at the correct level. Have your efforts rewarded with personalised reports.
Increase customer retention through personalised workout support. Motivate members with real time visualisation. Be motivated by compelling real time heart rate display of personal and group effort.
Generate additional revenue.

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