Smart Access Control

Smart Access Control

The GAT check-in/check-out terminals from GANTNER Technologies give you a quick, easy and secure overview. A chip acts as the entry card. Integrated into a wristband or a card, it stays with the visitor from the moment he or she enters your facilities and is used for identification, also for different applications and personalised service. Our systems have integration with the world’s largest software companies and are designed to integrate with a wide range of third-party turnstiles.

This allows the club / facility operator to know:

  • Who is coming in
  • Who is leaving
  • Who is currently in the facility / club?
  • Does every visitor really have a valid membership and is authorised to enter the facilities?

The terminals are easy to use, with a variety of elegant models which can be built into any type of architecture. Simply hold the wristband or card in front of the reader and the system checks the user’s access authorisation.

 Key features and benefits:

  • Knowledge and control of who is in your facility when and where at all times
  • Speedy and efficient access control, resulting in reduced queues
  • One single, seamlessly functioning access control solution across your entire site
  • Reduced staff demands, due to automation
  • Convenience, one RFID data carrier (card, wristband, or tag) functions as a credential for everything
  • More accurate customer profiling for more effective marketing
  • A RFID platform for additional applications (cashless payment, electronic lockers, networked fitness, and more)


A wide range of elegant Access Control solutions are matching any requirement:

Ticketing Terminal

The new GAT ACCESS 6600 ticketing terminal combines a range of technologies into one single terminal. From print-at-home bar code tickets, to RFID wristbands and to QR codes on mobile phones, GANTNER’s new all in-one terminal is perfect for both in- and out-door use.

Single-Output Terminals

GANTNER’s single-output terminals, ideal for membership facilities, provide a single output and opto coupler input to control any electrical device with one physical barrier.

Multi-Output Terminals

GANTNER’s multi-output terminals, ideal for water parks, museums, stadiums, or multi-purpose sports facilities, are highly intuitive to use for one-day visitors. Multiple relay outputs and opto inputs enable the control of up to 4 physical barriers.

Biometric Verification Terminals

When the optional biometric fingerprint sensor is added to the GAT Access 6100 terminal you now can be sure that the person carrying the data carrier is indeed the person it was issued to. With GANTNER’s special biometric data option, verification occurs within a second and identification swapping is eliminated.

Desk Top Reader
The GAT Writer is a multi-purpose desktop station with read/write function. Available with USB or TCP/IP interface.

Wristband Return Machines
Optimise your staff resources by automating the return of RFID wristbands.

Mobile App
For greater mobility GAT Mobile.Connect provides a fully configurable framework for NFC enabled devices. It provides multiple functionality – check-in, information, and/or POS functions.


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