Towel Management (e-drop)

Towel Management (e-drop)

e-DROP is a revolutionary towel management system:

  • to prevent losses of towels
  • to reduce human resources for towel handling
  • to eliminate queuing for members at the reception
  • is a clean and tidy solution

e-DROP is equipped with the GAT check-in / check-out terminal and inbuilt CCTV cameras.

Authorised members can access to the e-DROP upon verification of their identity by using the same membership card or wristband used for the check-in to open the e-DROP and to collect the towel. The process of towel collection is recorded in the database to prevent towel loss incidents.
The return of the towels into a separate compartment is recorded in the same manner as the towel collection.

Key features:

  • Automated towel control
  • Free up staff for better customer care
  • Prrotection from stolen towels
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Cost efficient
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