WIPA Tec Smart Locker

WIPA Tec Smart Locker

Valuables misplaced or gone missing?

Cabinet or wardrobe key missing or misplaced again and again?

Sounds familiar?

We design and manufacture lockers that are equipped with the GANTNER Smart Lock system and give you again peace of mind.

How does it work?

WIPA TEC smart lockers can be produced according to almost any customised design. They are key and hassle free.

The lockers are equipped with an electronic GANTNER Lock and the user can choose between a smart card or a wristband that serves as the key to the lockers. This allows the user to occupy any open locker and close it with his card/wristband. There is no key management for the lockers required. Security is provided through additional break-in alarms.

The GANTNER online locking system enables club/ facility operator to manage all the lockers in the club centrally. With an integrated chip in a wristband or a card, you can give to the users the free choice of any unoccupied locker or allocate them individual personal lockers online.

Key features of the GANTNER online locking system:

  • No more key management issues
  • Integrated alarm system to safeguard user’s valuables
  • Automated opening of lockers after operating hour for cleaning
  • All transactions (opening and closing) are recorded
  • Overview of latest capacity utilisation

The GANTNER offline locking system is suitable for lockers in scattered locations. It is very suitable for upgrading existing facilities that have used so far traditional keys or padlocks.

WIPA Tec, a subsidiary of WIPA Group, is a locker manufacturer that produces customised lockers according to your design, preferences and budget, equipped with the GANTNER Smart Locking solution.

GAT NET Lock 7000

GAT EcoSideLock

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